Photo by Thomas Canet

I am a musical composer from Sabadell (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain).

My life story is that of an undying love for music. I first met it when I was 4 years old, when I began to play the music I heard around me by ear.

When I was 9, we kissed for the first time. Thus was born my first song, to assuage the grief of my brother when his beloved pet died. It was a sweet and unforgettable kiss that left an everlasting impression on me as I saw that notes from the heart could soothe the pain of others.

Nevertheless, someone believed that she would lead me astray, and this love story that had gone off to such a good start had to be cut short. I felt that my life slipped away from me as we parted ways.

Ever since then, I kept on writing love letters to her, languishing in her absence. I guess that it was at that moment that those same notes that emerged from the soul began to assuage my own pain as well as that of others.

It was not long before my other great love story –the one that has united me to my wife for over half of my life– made me remain in contact with music, sending her love-filled scores every year, music sheets that were always lost on the way, never to reach her…

15 years ago, I decided to go look for her with all my strength. I searched and searched everywhere, pleading with others to help me find her. I followed hundreds of paths. Some brought me closer, others did not, until I finally met her through [The Morning Bridges], and I saw her beautiful face again. She was still as dazzling and beautiful as ever, 32 years after our first kiss.

If you want to discover and participate in this beautiful love story, and contribute to the happy ending it deserves, I suggest that you to find out more about #TheMorningBridges and discover the gifts that await you within.

Photo by Thomas Canet

I was born in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain) in 1967.

I began playing by ear when I was 4 years old, and I composed my first piece of music when I was 9.

I then began to study music and piano at the Orfeó Gracienc, in Barcelona, under Jordi Vilaprinyó. Nevertheless, I was not able to build a career in music and I had to combine my musical studies with a degree in Education.

In 1989, due to unfavorable family circumstances, I was forced to put a halt to it all and turn my professional life around. Local Employment Initiatives (Iniciativas Locales de Empleo, ILE) led me to undertake a project in self-employment which eventually resulted in the creation of a workplace training and insertion center for the unemployed and for people at a risk of social exclusion, where I worked as the managing director until late 2011 (22 years overall).

Even though I have been composing ever since I was 9, I only revealed my music in the year 2002, when I began to collaborate with independent audio-visual projects that required original music. My work in this sector has involved composing original music for the projects listed below.

Finally, since February 2008, I have been preparing The Morning Bridges, a double album whose launching is inminent.


Photo by Thomas Canet

  • Documentaries
    •  “Alzheimer. A Dare to Love.” (Eduardo Antoja & Fundació La Caixa), 2004. Video
    •  “Entre el cielo y la pampa” (Roberto Miranda, Chile), currently in post-production. This documentary intends to restore the good name of the 13 young victims of the Alto Hospicio murders (Chile).
  • Shorts
    • “Novilunio” (Roberto Chinet, produced by CECC, 35mm format). Video
    • “Mimo” (Tony García) 2003 awarded the Best Short and Best Original Music distinctions in the Gaztebideo festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz (2003). Best Short in the Vídeo Ciutat pageant in Sabadell (2004). Bronze Medal in Unica 2004 (Germany). Video
    • “Hogar” (Soledad Caramilloni, produced by the ESCAC, 35mm Stop-motion animation). 2002 First Prize in the III Logroño Animation Festival (2003), First Prize in the VII Uruguayan International Film School Festival (2003). Video
    • “Flor” (independent short film directed by painter Lluís Ribas), 2005 Video
  • Theatre
    • “E.R.” (directed by Pere Basté 2008)
  • Advertisements and institutional videos
    •  Several institutional videos for Fundació La Caixa directed by Eduardo Antoja. 2003-5
    • “Cocirama” (kitchen furniture manufacturer) produced by Eduardo Antoja, 2003
  • Events
    • “Sabadell: poetes i pintors; 25+25 no fan cinquanta” (music for the opening event of the interactive collective exhibition promoted by the Alliance Française in Sabadell) 2002
    • Invited to the San Sebastián and Toulouse International Film Festivals (“Cinema Under Construction” and “Cinema in Motion”) as an “emerging” composer, including the cinema master class in Toulouse ’07, tutored by Lucio Godoy and Jorge Arriagada. 2006-7
    • “Campamento de la Esperanza de AFAC”  2012  Video