Photo by Gemma Miralda

I contribute to these three NGOs by providing 10% of the yearly proceeds from my musical activity as Ramon Gallifa:

  • Morning Tears (an NGO that carries out extraordinary work with children from the streets, mainly the sons and daughters of people who have been incarcerated and/or executed)
  • Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (an NGO that works with Syrian refugees and Palestinian children by providing medicla equipment to provide surgery and treatment to those who lack access to them in their habitual environment)
  • Corro contra el cáncer (a yearly charity race organised by Lluís Domingo as a means of celebrating his personal victory in overcoming this dreadful disease and as a means of fostering awareness and raising funds for research on this disease).

Moreover, I produced the official songs of Morning Tears and of the  Palestine Children’s Relief Fund with professional means and ceded them free of charge as a part of the The Morning Bridges project.