You are listening to the former music of the opening sequence of the awarded-winning beautiful short film “Mimo” (by Tony García). Barnabas Hangonyi (cello), Lluna Aragón (violín), Daniel Bescós (guitar), Irene Prat (flute) and Xavi Paüls (drums) recorded this music.

In #TheMorningBridges project, #Mimo HAS BEEN RECORDED IT AGAIN by the Budapest Art Orchestra.



  • Who will cook up the final version?

Budapest Art Orchestra

  • When will it be done?

January 25th, 2017 Budapest Art Orchestra  DONE!!!

  • What is the story of this dessert?

You will know the story of this song reading this Update during the campaign in (due to be published on September 2nd, 2017)

  • How many versions of it will we cook up?

1 (instrumental)

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#Mimo   #Shortfilm  #Instrumental   #Strings   #FilmMusic #Cello

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