You are listening to an excerpt of the “demo” of this song #Romanza played by Daniel Garcia, who HAS RECORDED IT AGAIN playing a Bösendofer 290 Imperial.


  • Who will cook up the final version?

Daniel Garcia  (piano solo)

  • When will it be done?

January 25th, 2017 in Budapest   DONE!!!

  • What is the story of this dessert?

You will know the touching story of this song reading this Update during the campaign in (due to be published on August 11th, 2017)

  • How many versions of it will we cook up?

1 (instrumental)

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#Piano   #Romanza  #Mendelssohn

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  • Zete says:

    The most beutiful tune ever!….so wistful…….it salves my heart……Best wishes…Love Always,


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