The Morning Bridges [The Morning Bridges] is a beautiful, independently-produced record that compiles the music I have composed over the last years.

As I explain in the video of the Kickstarter campaign, rather than a mere album, [The Morning Bridges] is a veritable gift set with 31 handcrafted musical desserts that have been prepared using elements of different cultures and genres, and in which finding a moment of peace to enjoy them, wrappers and all, is as important as reliving the emotions, the landscapes, the life experiences and memories conjured up by each one of these delicacies or tunes from the comfort of your own home.

This musical voyage will take you through a plethora of different styles and genres: from a lullaby with eastern influences so an overture with Arabic influences; from a gospel ballad  with a blues flair to a  traditional Chinese ballad, a fado, a habanera, a romanza without words, a pop song…

Every single song has its roots in a beautiful, touching story that is elaborated upon in the record, such as, for instance, the cradle song I composed for our daughter while she was still in the orphanage or as the songs written to the Morning Tears children.

Prestigious singers, soloists and ensembles from all over the world are participating in the project, which will be recorded in the best studios, through optimum professional methods. It will be distributed internationally and, if you wish to do so, you can follow the entire production process by subscribing to the Fanzone for free.

From an emotional point of view, #TheMorningBridges is pure love. Love towards music, towards what it means, towards what it creates. Pure love towards my beautiful daughter, this little big treasure come from China.

And pure love towards intermixing, towards the origins of each person, for the right of people – and especially boys and girls – to simply be persons.

And it is also pure love towards my wife, who has accompanied me, helped me, understood me, supported me and having bore with me for so long, especially during my own long crossing of the desert.

From a human point of view, #TheMorningBridges will add its own grain of sand to help make the world a better place collaborating with, Morning Tears,  the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and  Corro contra el càncer.