Here are the list of Updates published during the Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. About me August 8th

  2. The prettiest flower of Wanzhou  August 9th

  3. The legend of the red thread: A dare to love  August 10th

  4. Romanza: when someone on the other end of the world asks for a musical score precisely when you need it the most  August 11th

  5. Producing music for Morning Tears. Playing with secret messages  August 12th

  6. Lullaby for Butterflies: war is a war, and those who lose out are always those who are not to blame August 13th

  7. Entre el cielo y la pampa: defending the good name of those girls and their families August 14th

  8. Thanks (to your gift). A letter to the wind for the Chinese mother of my daughter August 15th

  9. Don’t worry, daddy, the project will turn out ok! August 16th

  10. Ai, com t’estimo! A song of love in a very special landscape August 17th